As we can no longer meet to discuss our paintings we are having an online critique session. Catherine Inglis, a local well know artist has agreed to critique our paintings and her wise words are included here for all members to read and learn from to benefit their own work. The members names are not displayed a these paintings are not yet complete

Hardraw Force

It is Hardraw Force from my own photograph. It is painted with pastel on Canson paper.
I am not altogether happy with the fore ground. It doesn’t have the impact I wanted.
You have captured the foliage very well with your accents of light green on the leaves and made them frame the composition nicely.
You say are unhappy with the fore ground though. I think that you could have worked this with greater tonal values, both lights & darks as this would have had made for more of an impact. The water entering the pool would also have made ripples in the pool along with reflections from the tumbling waterfall . Dark values will help to contrast the lighter ripples & reflections.
You have not quite captured the lineal strata of the craggy rock face behind the fall. It rather resembles a wall than a craggy face so If you can do try to rectify this. The dark tones however contrast well with the waterfall. You have nice colour in this too.