As we can no longer meet to discuss our paintings we are having an online critique session. Catherine Inglis, a local well know artist has agreed to critique our paintings and her wise words are included here for all members to read and learn from to benefit their own work. The members names are not displayed a these paintings are not yet complete

No social distancing!”

12 1/2” wide and 8 1/2” down. Medium - watercolour
Lovely composition again.
The geese are well executed you have managed to separate them well and worked purples and lilacs into their body shadows which works very well. The dark values behind them make them stand out well to the viewer and I love the lost edges you have made.
I think you could have made a little more of their body reflections into the water as only the ‘drinking ‘goose is really seen so perhaps the reflections of the two next may have been suggested a little more. You could have added interest by rippling the water by his beak to make the water more realistic.
Those lovely branches are framing nicely your painting but, along with a tiny suggestion of the lilac & yellows used else ware may have been introduced to make a little more reflective colour in the water.
Your watercolours are really pleasing. Perhaps a little more practice with water.