As we can no longer meet to discuss our paintings we are having an online critique session. Catherine Inglis, a local well know artist has agreed to critique our paintings and her wise words are included here for all members to read and learn from to benefit their own work. The members names are not displayed a these paintings are not yet complete


I have been working on and off with this wave for about 2 years.
It’s acrylic on canvas. I keep over painting bits of it but it never looks any better.
I think I have lost all shape now.
I also think the sky colour is wrong.
I’m not sure if it can be rescued or whether I need to start again.
I think you may be right about the colour of the sky in relation to the sea. It is really good to try to carry the colours of these two elements through the both of them. The wave has some great colours and the dark tones you have used in the curve work very well. Your foam is wonderful with the colours and tones you have chosen. Sea, and all water for that matter, needs some darks to make the lights sing.
You have made a suggestion of the light coming through the wave too with that lovely lighter green/blue.
You mentioned losing the shape of the wave and I think that it could have been more of more interest, perhaps bringing the crashing of the wave down to the sea at one point. Have you also thought of perhaps making longer format painting, you can then really play with the curve?
Hope this helps.