As we can no longer meet to discuss our paintings we are having an online critique session. Catherine Inglis, a local well know artist has agreed to critique our paintings and her wise words are included here for all members to read and learn from to benefit their own work. The members names are not displayed a these paintings are not yet complete

Walking by the Cow and Calf Rocks

Pastel, 15 x 10"
Walking by the Cow and Calf Rocks - Pastel
I really like this landscape composition, the addition of the figure gives a good sense of scale to the piece.
She has achieved, by using cooler colours and less detail, a feeling of recession to the moorland hills in the distance.
She has cleverly used lilacs & purples in her work. The paler lilacs make great shadows in clouds and the rocks look imposing with the stronger tones of purple. For the accents of the clouds she may like to try a using a pastel with a light, warm tint, as this will give more impact visually. I never use white but choose to use coloured whites or a brighter pastel as this gives better visual impact. The walker may have been more interesting by having coloured lights on his clothing too.
The sunlight is lovely in the foreground and she has not overworked the details in the foliage of the bracken clump and perhaps this could have been slightly smaller clump. However, I do love the fact that she has used oranges & reds in foliage and grass pathways, reds always neutralise the greens one uses and make for a more pleasing pastel. The pink/lilacs in the path are fab.
Lovely Pastel!